Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cleaning the house

So cleaning the house kind of sucks but is rewarding at the same time(once it's clean). My wife has been doing most of it. I cleaned some of the kitchen cabinets tonight. Mowed the lawn yesterday. Wasn't too bad compared to the last house I lived at. So were almost finally moved in. Still waiting on our master bedroom and nursery to be re-carpeted but our property manager is giving us flack over it. He's saying it didn't smell that bad when he looked at it and that the carpet was still wet which made it smell but it smelled like animal urine long before that and steam cleaning it just brought it up more. He had the carpet guy come by and he looked at it and this time we had the windows closed and he said it was pretty much toxic and needed to be replaced. So the carpet guy took it out and he could barely stand the stench while trying to rip it out. The room still smells a little bit so we're going to have to mop it up a bit before they put new carpet down.

The property manager is coming tomorrow to look at the carpet again to see it needs to be replaced even though clearly it does-you can see the stains on it. I just can't wait to have our bedroom put together. It's ridiculous that we just moved in and the realtor and owners are still debating on whether or not our MASTER BEDROOM and NURSERY carpet needs to be replaced.

Let's just let my pregnant wife and our soon-to-be son suffocate to death.