Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday was fun. Woke up. Sam got a craving for Red Robin for which I had no objection. Went there, ordered an Absolut lemonade which was pretty good. I was in the mood for mixed drinks. Talked to Sam about my favorite cocktail(Zombie) and how bars usually don't know how to make them the right way and how one of my old acquaintances was the only one who could. So I decided to get another drink and to my amazement, they had a Zombie on the menu and with the correct ingredients except it was a "Rockin Red Zombie". So, of course I order it and it was pretty delicious. The food was great too. hahaha We spent the rest of the day hitting up pawn shops looking for a Tele. We also stopped at Baby's R Us and looked at baby stuff. So, we ended up at Guitar Center. I was going to get a Tele but decided on getting a banjo which I've always wanted to learn. Had dinner at Tony's Pizza which was fantastic as always.  Had a major sinus headache. Sam had the usual prego nausea/exhaustion. haha

Set up the banjo and played a little but the pain was a bit unbearable so I laid down. Woke up today a little lateish. Feel great. Ordered some chinese. Beautiful day. Played the banjo a bit on the porch.

Sam and I talked to our neighbor next door and told her were pregnant. She got very excited and gave us a hug. Told us were going to have a girl because of how protective Drake is. Haha. Knew it!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our weekend

Friday night.  Sam is finally home. Got off late. Greeted w/ a million kisses and hugs. My baby is starting to show. Watched a movie. Ate a delicious roast and perogis made by Sam's amazing aunt. Went to bed. Slept like a baby.

Started off Saturday morning with wreckless abandon. Jumped out of bed, unshowered, messily dressed and proceeded to have breakfast at the Village Inn. Food was pretty good but overpriced. Clearly not the same place I remember going to a couple years back. Paid close to 30. Should of went to our favorite place-Cracker Barrel.

We left there and hit up a couple thrift stores. We both scored some decent rags. I scored two sweet blazers and she scored a dress(as seen above) and a skirt. Went to The Cheesecake Factory. My first time. Food was decent. Cheesecake was phenomenal. Blew too much money there. Should of just bought cheesecake. Took us a couple days to finish just one slice.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well, I've had a successful recovery from yesterday. Woke up this morning with severe back pain, popped some Tylenol and I was good to go. Must have lost my mind this morning or maybe the fever I had killed some brain cells because I left for work today with my moccasins (without socks) on only to realize when I was almost to work that I was wearing them. So when I got in, I rushed over to exchange and picked up some socks. Still on time for work, I rolled into our weekly meeting, only to be passive agressively berated by my boss about calling in sick. He stated that even if he was sick, he wouldn't call out because he is "tough". Whatever makes you feel better about yourself. Vomiting and excreting watery discharge simultaneously are not activities I like to participate in when I'm helping a customer particularly an admiral. It was a slow day. Spent most of the day today watching/listening to Tom Waits on youtube.

My gal had trouble peeing last night but is doing much better today and can pee! This pregnancy thing is kind of kicking her ass and we're only in week 10. It's crazy that were already there. He/she is about 2 inches now.  Thank you Jesus for my little prune. Well, time to plan the party for tonight while the old lady is away. Hmm...wonder where can I get rent some lions and acrobats... haha.

I miss you Samantha. Love you.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines and the flu

Valentines evening was awesome. This morning wasn't. Well, let's start with Valentines. I brought home Sam an orchid which she loved thank God.

Then we got ready to go to Macaroni Grill to meet Jess and Josh for Valentines dinner. We get there shortly after they were seated and ordered our meals. I had seafood linguini which was pretty delicious (or at least the seafood was) and Sam had the fettucini alfredo which was a lot better than mine. I also ordered a glass of Placido Pinot Grigio which was pretty amazing. Italian wine always is. So we all hung out and discussed baby stuff and this blog you're reading right now.

Wyatt was great as always and my gal enjoyed his company. I hope we have a baby as good looking as Wyatt well if it's a boy that is, although according to some people he could pass as a girl???

Anyways, so we left there around 9 and my gal was telling me about how her jeans were cutting into her. So I suggested we go to Target and pick up some maternity jeans. So we went there and she picked out some. Tried getting her to pick out a dress and maybe lingerie but no luck. haha I did get her some boots which she loves. Double score. We left there and laid around in bed for most of the night listening to music and discussing bands. Then as it got later we got a bit romantic. ;-) Triple score.

Around 0530 in the morning, I awoke with a sick stomach and tried fighting if off until eventually I vomited about 5 times until there was nothing but bile. I've never thrown up like that and my throat burned like hell's fires. I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday but I thought I would get over it. Guess not.

So, I called out today at work to which my boss was pissed. I though maybe I could fight it off again enough to go to work but as soon as I got up, I felt puky. About 3 hours later I puked again. Didn't make it to the bathroom this time. Just right outside. The best woman in the world, Samantha cleaned it up. She is so rad! After that I was feeling better and then Sam's mom and sister and her boyfriend came over and I got to briefly meet some more of the family. Too bad I was sickly. They didn't stay long. I should be better by Friday when they get back. So, Sam is gone to see her granny. Party! j/k I'm gonna miss her. Still sick hoping for a speeding recovery. Think I'll go watch Equilibrium.

Some of these photos were ripped from Jess' blog. She's an amazing photographer.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Conclusion to the weekend

Well, overall a great weekend was had by all. My family loves Samantha and vice versa. We just kind of hung out around the house. Hard to do anything with the dogs. Sunday wasn't such a fun day. My baby (hopefully not the smaller one) was really sick. We think it might have been a stomach bug from the chinese food we ate. She started feeling better as the day progressed. Then, later in the evening, she started having bad back pains and  ran somewhat of a fever. The fever lasted less than an hour (I'm pretty sure the thermometer was off and that she was just dehydrated). Once she started feeling a bit better, we had to drive 4 hours back to VB. We were so drained. The dogs were ecstatic to be back home. We passed out on our lovely, king-sized pillowtop bed.

Well, Sam is feeling a lot better today which is good. Just a headache. Still a bit worried. Today is Valentine's Day. :-) Time to put on the romance.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Trip to MD and Martinis

We set out on the road to Charles County, MD to show Samantha my family. The trip was grueling and merciless and Sam had to ward off motion sickness due to my wreckless driving. Well not entirely wreckless, we do have a little bun in the oven.

We arrived in the magical land of Indian Head around 6 pm and quickly unloaded and let the dog stench out of the car. What a relief. We hung with my sis Amber and stepdad for a bit before he had to leave for a gig. Apparently, Troy told my sisters that they are going to be aunts after me and Sam were trying hard to keep it from Amber. Then my mom and the rest of the sisters came home and Sam and my mom chatted it up.

I had to peel my gal away from the gossip fest that ensued between her and my mom so we could go see my stepdad and his band at Martinis. We arrived to be warmly and drunkenly greeted by Arden and Randy. I broke down and told them the news at which they were ecstatic. Randy bought me a drink and I proceeded to get a little tipsy. haha Dry martini straight up. Took two sips and I was buzzed. Yeah, I'm a lightweight. So I traded him for a beer and he bought me several after that. He also bought my stepdad a few. After the first set, my stepdad came over and greeted us and welcomed Sam into the family. haha

We left before my dad's band finished their set. I was little plastered and Sam was tired. No worries-I was good enough to drive. We got home safely and hung out with my mom and sisters for a bit. We finished the night with them with this:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Trip to the hospital

So, we had to go to the hospital last night because Sam had a UTI. The tests, which took hours to complete , turned up negative.

I was pretty bent out of shape and irritated because of the wait and lack of food. I guess I act more pregnant than my girlfriend sometimes or so she told the nurse. hahaha Yeah, I'm that type of daddy.

Well, she had to get a PS(yeah, one of those) since the initial results were negative and were told we would have results in 3 days. They discharged her and gave her a prescription for antibiotics. Such a lovely time was had by all. haha Well, I'm relieved for the most part. We finished off the night nicely with Taco Bell. I think she plotted the whole thing just to get me to take her to Taco Bell. ;-)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It took me forever to come up with a blog name. Finally, after years of extensive research, I came up with this name which was deduced by thinking about the size of my baby.

Well, it has been a rather interesting transition these past couple of months. My girlfriend and love of my life is 9 weeks pregnant. Came unexpected but what in life doesn't? Conceived the first time we "did the deed" and during a lunar eclipse at that. Everything is still very fresh and new-even our relationship which is about 2 months old.

Today was another shocker. I awoke to let the dogs out and was greeted with a faceful of snow. Probably about 5 inches or so. Enough to cause a 2 hour delay. Enough to cause everyone on the road to behave like morons and drive 10 mph on the highway. A few patches of snow on the highway is enough to make So. Virginians drive like idiots. Scratch that-a few flakes of snow falling from the sky.

Anyways, I'm going to be a daddy. It's still weird to say. I have always wanted one of my own and now it's becoming a reality. Sure feels surreal though.

More fun is yet to come or so I hear. Hopefully, I'll get through this somewhat unscathed. ;-) I love you Sam!